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Cordierite Ceramic

  • Ceramic Supports for WIREWOUND POWER RESISTORS

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    Ceramic Supports for WIREWOUND POWER RESISTORS

    Ceramic supports for WIREWOUND POWER RESISTORS Global Ceramic offer cordierite (C520) for ceramic support of wire wound power resistors The resistor is combined with three ceramic core, corrosion resistant wire and stainless steel clamp. With the fast temperate up and down of...Read More

  • Ceramic Bobbin for Electrical Water Heater

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    Ceramic Bobbin for Electrical Water Heater

    Cordierite Ceramic Global Ceramic offer cordierite materials with dense and porous structures, all of which are distinguished by an outstanding thermal shock resistance, while at the same time having high heat resistance and electrical insulation strength. Cordierite Ceramic...Read More

  • Cordierite C410

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    Cordierite C410

    Cordierite C410 Magnesium aluminium silicate Impervious material structure High resistance to thermal shock Very low linear expansionRead More

All cordierite ceramic products come in top quality and reliable price. As one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy custom cordierite ceramic from our factory.