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  • Ceramic Igniter for Spark Plug

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    Ceramic Igniter for Spark Plug

    Ceramic Igniter for Spark Plug Applications: The electrodes are used in cookers,barbecue roasters,floor and wall standing boilers,condensing boliers,water heaters,gas and oil burners,radiant tube heaters,etc. Material: C795 Alumina Forming Method: Injection Molding Color:...Read More

  • Alumina Ceramic Crucible

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    Alumina Ceramic Crucible

    The capacity of the crucible is 5 to 2000ml according to appearance, maximum capacity can be customized, and maximum size is 450mm. Under the general condition, the analyzed and fired substance is put into the crucible or a sagger and then put into analyzing or firing...Read More

  • Isostatic Pressing Ceramic Tubes

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    Isostatic Pressing Ceramic Tubes

    Wear Resistant Ceramic Pipes Applications: Widely used for mining classifying& concentrate cyclone, Coal separeation&classifying cyclone, Environmental Protection Cyclone Material: Alumina C795 and Alumina C799 Forming Method: Isostatic Pressing Dimension:φ50-750mm...Read More

  • Steatite Ceramic Used for Band Heater

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    Steatite Ceramic Used for Band Heater

    Ceramic Band Heaters Ceramic Band Heaters by Global Ceramic provide long life and use less wattage (because of insulation) in plastics extrusion and injection molding applications. These band heaters are constructed with a stainless steel shroud enclosing high quality ceramic...Read More

  • Ceramic Supports for WIREWOUND POWER RESISTORS

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    Ceramic Supports for WIREWOUND POWER RESISTORS

    Ceramic supports for WIREWOUND POWER RESISTORS Global Ceramic offer cordierite (C520) for ceramic support of wire wound power resistors The resistor is combined with three ceramic core, corrosion resistant wire and stainless steel clamp. With the fast temperate up and down of...Read More

  • Ceramic Bobbin for Electrical Water Heater

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    Ceramic Bobbin for Electrical Water Heater

    Cordierite Ceramic Global Ceramic offer cordierite materials with dense and porous structures, all of which are distinguished by an outstanding thermal shock resistance, while at the same time having high heat resistance and electrical insulation strength. Cordierite Ceramic...Read More

  • Cordierite C410

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    Cordierite C410

    Cordierite C410 Magnesium aluminium silicate Impervious material structure High resistance to thermal shock Very low linear expansionRead More

  • Standoff Ceramic Insulator

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    Standoff Ceramic Insulator

    Standoff Insulator Material: Porcelain+Brass Forming Method: Wet Pressing Features:Global Ceramic supplies porcelain standoff insulators from 2.5kv up to 15kv/110kv BIL. Porcelain standoff insulators are important components in various electrical applications and are used to...Read More

  • Transformer-bushing

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    Transformer bushing/Electric reactor mainly apply to power transformer and electric reactor, as current carrying conductor which lead in or out the high, middle, low voltage current of transformer or electric reactor. It plays role in insulation and sealing of the transformer...Read More

  • Zirconium Oxide Knife

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    Zirconium Oxide Knife

    ●Materials: zirconia ceramic blade with bamboo handle ●Blade Colors: black ceramic in matt or mirror finish ●Available size: 3"/4"/5"/6" for blade ●Packing: 4 pieces/set, 1 set/box and 10 sets/carton ●Supply capacity: 25,000 sets per month ●The sharpest...Read More

  • Zirconium Oxide Scissors

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    Zirconium Oxide Scissors

    Characteristic and advantage Blade make from Zirconium Oxide ,high-tech products Hardness is HRC 90,only secondly to the diamond, supper sharp and longer life than the traditional steel knife,with no need of sharpening for years Stain and rust proof ,non-adhesion,very easy to...Read More

  • Mgo Ceramic for Cartridge Heaters

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    Mgo Ceramic for Cartridge Heaters

    1.Type: porous ceramic tube 2.Material: magnesia ceramic 3.Size: as your drawing 4.high temperature resistance 5.good wear resistance 6.refractory ceramic tubes Application: Mgo Ceramic tube is widely used for cartridge heaters. Specification: Dimensions:Read More

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